Philips Norelco CloseCut Shaver Head Fits RQ11 1150X 1160X 1180X 1190X 6100 6800

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Shaver Head  Fits below Philips Norelco Shaver Model

Shaver Head has Philips Norelco CloseCut Foils+Blades. Full Shaver Head Read to Use, Just Snap in to shaver handle and shave

ContourDetect Technology for Clean Shave

Follow every contour of your face and neck with 8-directional ContourDetect technology. You’ll catch 20% more hairs with every pass, resulting in an extremely close, smooth shave.
Close cut  Precision Blades PRO

- Upgraded Close Cut Precision Blades PRO gently capture each hair, regardless of length, from 1- day up to 3-day stubble. Cuts 30% closer than its predecessor, with less strokes, leaving your skin smooth and comfortable.

- The blades also self-sharpen to ensure a premium shave day after day.

Fits Philips Norelco RQ11 series :1150X 1160X 1180X 1190X

Fits Philips Norelco RQ12 series:1250 1251 1252 1253 1254 1260 1261 1262 1265 1275 1280 1285 1290 1295 RQ1250 RQ1260 RQ1261 RQ1280 RQ1290 RQ1250cc RQ1260c RQ1280cc
 RQ1290cc 1250X 1260X 1280X 1290X 1250cc 1260cc 1280cc 1285cc 1290cc 1295cc
Fits Philips Norelco SH90/52 S9000 Series: S9911 S9731 S9711 S9511 S9111 S9031 S9000 S9911 S9731 S9711 S9511 S9111 S9031 S9021  S9031  S9041 S9151 S9161 S9171 S9311  S9371  S9521 S9721 9700

Fits Philips Norelco SH70/52 S7000 Series: S7310 S7370 S7530 S7720 S7780

Fits Philips Norelco SH50 S5000 Series :5500 model S5370 5100 Model S5310 and S5355

This Listing Includes 1X  Shaver head + Brush . Item will come sealed in our own packaging

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