HQ9 Shaver Head for Philips Norelco 9100 9190 9160 9170 9195 9199 XL

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HQ9 Shaver Head for Philips Norelco 9100 9160 9170 9190 9195 9199 XL

Item condition:


Item will arrive sealed as pictured without any outer packaging.

Packaging Condition:

The outer box is not included in this sale. For more details, please closely inspect pictures.

Compatibility List:

For Philips Norelco SH30 Series Models S1000 S2000 S3000

For Philips Norelco 8100 Series Models 8140XL 8150XL 8160XL 8170Xl 8171XL 8180XL 8175XL

For Philips Norelco 8200 Series Models 8240XL 8250XL 8260XL 8270Xl 8271XL 8280XL 8275XL

For Philips Norelco 9000 Series Models 9100 9140XL 9150XL 9160XL 9170Xl 9171XL 9180XL 9175XL 9199XL

Universal replacement for Sensotouch, Spectra, PowerTouch, Precision, and CoolSkin 7700 Series (formerly HQ177).

Fits Philips and Norelco models / types: 71 -, 72 -, 73 -, 77 -, 78 -, 84 -, 88 -, PT/AT7--, PT/AT8-- etc.

Fits Power Touch models: AT815, AT810, AT890, AT830, PT715, PT710, PT720, PT730, PT735

Fits ALL Norelco Spectra models including : 8831XL, 8825XL, 8846XL, 8845XL, 8865XL, 8867XL, 8880XL, 8881XL, 8883XL, 8890XL, 8891XL, 8892XL, 8894XL, 8895XL, 7800XL, 7800XLcc.

Fits Precision models: 7812XL, 7810XL, 7380XL, 7350XL, 7345XL, 7340XL, 7325XL, 7315XL, 7310XL, 7260XL, 7250XL, 7240XL, 7183XL, 7110XL, 7115XL, 7120XL, 7145XL, 7140XL, 7160XL, 7180XL, 7950XL, HQ7890.

Fits ALL Philips Sensotec models: HQ8894, HQ8890, HQ8885, HQ8882, HQ8880, HQ8875, HQ8870, HQ8865, HQ8850, HQ8845, HQ8835, HQ8830, HQ8825, HQ8445, HQ7800, HQ7390, HQ7380, HQ7363, HQ7360, HQ7340, HQ7320, HQ7300, HQ7290, HQ7280, HQ7260, HQ7240, HQ7200, HQ7180, HQ7160, HQ7140, HQ7120, HQ7100.

Fits Cool Skin 7000 Series Models: 7735X, 7737X, 7745X, 7775X, HQ7740, HQ7742, HQ7760, HQ7762, HQ7780, HQ7782.

What's Included in this Sale: 3x foils & blades ONLY. NO OTHER ACCESSORIES INCLUDED!!!

Terms of Sale

We fully inspect all items for their content and condition prior to listing. The item includes all the accessories that are described here. We also check again before shipping out any item out to make sure it matches the description and listing.

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